Make your information come to life.
Don't just search for words,
ask questions instead.

Productive people focus on acquiring insights from available information.
Compendium helps you convert your information sources into conversational guides.

Access Anywhere

Because getting the required information from Compendium is as easy as asking a question in natural language, knowledge is always at your finger-tips.

Alexa, Google Assistant, Slack and Discord integrations coming soon. Any other services you want us to integrate with (SMS, WhatsApp...)?

Import Data

Compendium offers a rich editing environment for a variety of data -- text, images, mark-ups, code, etc. People use it store legal documents, books, notes, knowledge bases.

We would like to hear about your use case and would do our best to accommodate your request so that we can provide you a seamless experience.

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Compendium is currently invite only. Don't know anyone with an invite code? Get access by requesting your own invite code.

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